Monday, March 29, 2010

~Day 7~

So I was bad a couple times this weekend, but it was Jamie's 11th birthday and I had cake and ice cream so it doesn't count..
Kelp & veggie wraps, green juice, water and feeling great!
The girls came home from Spring break last night to an empty kitchen. Well, empty to them. Our microwave went to storage and the boxed food, Hamburger Helper, cereals were nowhere to be found! It's not like we ate like crap all the time, I only bought whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, tried to make pasta sauce from scratch and made soup ALL the time...but it was all gone. What use to be our "go to shelf" for snacks and dinner was now full of fresh fruits and veggies, our dehydrator and the juicer, food processor and blender.
They were excited about it last night when I told them, I was shocked. Then this morning, I juice what seamed like a dozen carrots, some kiwis, a couple oranges, a few pears, some strawberries, a couple cups of spinnach and some kale. The girls LOVED it! They took it to school with them, and I'm taking Rachaell lunch this afternoon. Kelp wraps, avacado, cucumber, romaine lettuce, mung bean sprouts and carrots. MMMmmm!!!

So I'm down 5 lbs, sleeping great, loving it!

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