Thursday, March 25, 2010

~Day 2~

Good morning! It's Day 2 of going 100% raw, I feel amazing!
I posted this below entry in my Raw Food Rehab blog, thought I'd share it here as well!
John and I went to dinner last night when I got off work. I've been wanting to try the Blossoming Lotus for a while, so tonight we went! It's Vegan, with Raw Food options. We started off with Live Nachos. These were so fabulous, I can't begin to explain. Flax seed crackers, cashew "sour cream", avacado and something else cream, green onion, walnuts mixed with some kind of "taco seasoning" and a yellow squash puree with some awesome spices that gave it a nacho cheese flavor somehow. Oh my god..just wonderful!

Then I tried the Live Grapefruit soup. It was the first time I've ever tried soup that was supposed to be served cold lol. This was so good, I asked what was in it and was told grapefruit, avacado (to make it creamy) and something else...but I can't remember now :( Oh, and basil oil on top.

John got the Live Wrap, I'll have to find out what was in those, and I had the Live Pasta, made of Zucchini "pasta", carrots, diced tomato's, a few spinnach leaves and a sause made of pesto, garlic and I'm not sure what else. It was wonderful!!

So after dinner I asked if he'd be willing to try Raw Food Only for just a week and see how that goes. He agreed! I'm still amazed by the amount of support I have from him, let alone the fact that he's willing to do it with me!

So we stopped by the grocery store and I can't remember the last time I bought so much food and NONE of it was bad for us!

So tonight we attempted so make flax seed crackers and I made cashew cream lol. The crackers are simple, rosemary garlic, soaked flax seeds, walnuts and water. I think I may have made it a bit thick, but we'll see in a few hours how they turned out.

I'm already feeling better, so excited for this new way of living and I can't wait until my girls' come home from their grandparents (Spring Break) to see how they handle it :)


So this morning's breakfast:

4 Carrots ~ Juiced
2 Apples ~ Juiced
2 Kiwi's ~ Juiced

I know I should be drinking Green Juice every morning but I'm still getting use to being alive and awake before leaving for work lol. Tomorrow for sure!

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